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Help Sould Food Farm – buy some chicken!

September 28th, 2009 Comments off

Soul Food Farm in Vaccaville recently had a devastating fire that destroyed several structures and killed some 1000 chicks. They need all the help they can get to rebuild and keep going at what they’re doing, pasture raised poultry and eggs.

There are several events in the planning, from an auction to fancy dinners, all to benefit the farm and the rebuilding process. Check out their blog for more information about the events or just drive out there to help or buy some chicken and eggs! The quality is outstanding, to wet your appetite I’ll post a couple pictures of one chicken we made on the BBQ recently, meaty, juicy and very tasty:

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Welcome to Diablo Kitchen!

September 2nd, 2009 1 comment

Diablo Kitchen is now open! Why Diablo? Well, it’s physical location is at the bottom of beautiful Mount Diablo in California. Located in the (far) East Bay, east of San Francisco, Mount Diablo is a gorgeous large state park, offering amazing views, wonderful hiking, biking, and camping.

But this blog is not about those things, it’s about cooking, food, and drink in all it’s variations. I might write about a restaurant, a dish, post a step by step made from scratch thing. I might write about the occasional fast food experience as well as an evening spent at a fine dining restaurant. An interesting gadget I found, a great new (to me) cookbook, a nice bottle of wine or a good beer. Anything food and drink related will end up on this blog, if I find the time (and discipline) to write something up.

I’ll have some pictures to share, some stories and some links. Hopefully somebody will find it an interesting read, at least it’s a neat way for me to keep a diary handy where ever I am :-)

So, welcome, have a seat at Diablo Kitchen and enjoy what’s on the menu!


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