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And there goes a month…

January 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Wow, hard to believe that a month is gone since my last post! All the Christmas stuff kept us busy with family and since then school started up again, I’m taking two different painting classes (plus a weekend workshop) and my time in the kitchen has been limited. Mostly quick meals, sandwiches, things like that. I made more bacon and roasted my first brisket in my Big Green Egg. That was a bit of an adventure, I had a wonderful brisket from free range beef that I put in there a good 5 hours before dinner. It was not very big, somewhere around 4-5lb I believe. Temperature rose nicely and steady smoke came out the chimney, until it suddenly stopped warming up for a looooong time! I could not figure out why, temp inside the egg was around 225, and every other meat I ever had in there continued to go up in temp at a steady pace. Luckily I got some insight from online friends: eventually the meat reaches a temperature where the collagen is transformed into gelatin. That’s when the temp stops rising, until this process is finished. Depending on the amount of collagen in your cut, this can take a very long time, several hours for large cuts! We had guests that evening, with little kids, so waiting until 9pm or later was not possible, I had to take it off a bit early and just see what happens. The meat was fully cooked, just not at the suggested 180 internal temp, more around 165. All was fine luckily, the meat was wonderful, very tasty, tender and juicy! I’ll add a whole bunch of photos below, some of the brisket among them. Next time I will put this cut on early in the morning though, or for a larger one even the night before. I learned that once a brisket is done you can wrap it in foil and put it in a picknick cooler where it will keep it’s temperature for a very long time. A great tip that can be handy in so many ways! Picknick, potluck, or just a nice dinner with friends where all you have to do is cut the meat and get the side dishes ready. Roasted veggies or potatoes in the oven for example. Little work while guests are there, with wonderful food to share!

Well, I hope to get back into the kitchen soon, maybe even this weekend. I want to make some things from Ad Hoc at Home as well as some other books I got recently. Lots of ideas to play with, just have to find the time!

I promise, the next post will contain some cooking :-)

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